Online Employee, Staff Scheduling | Human Resources Management

Online Employee, Staff Scheduling | Human Resources Management

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Enterprise Customization Services
If you are a larger operation with out of the box needs, we will work with your business to make HRMAX fit your environment.Staff scheduling Toronto  we have a full support team ready to customize areas of HRMAX to integrate with your company’s technologies delivering the results you need with an end to end solutions based approach. HRMAX integrates with an ecosystem of applications and systems that will drive results for your business

Biometric Integration

At HRMAX we offer a cutting edge biometric system to capture attendance. In addition to helping you reduce overtime and payroll costs and get control over your labor costs, automated time registration and collection reduces errors, time theft and improves efficiency. Managing your workforce and processing payroll quickly and accurately begins with reliable data which our Biometric solution ensures. There are additional charges for staff communication a biometric system. Ask us about our affordable pricing.


HRMAX uses leading edge industry technology and practices to protect and manage your companies sensitive data. We use the same encryption used by online banks to ensure your data is secure at all times. We also monitor any activity associated with your account 24/7 so you don’t have to…your safe with HRMAX